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    Cannot boot PC off windows 7 disk!

    Hello, yesterday I changed my OS to ubuntu 12.10 on a live disk as my windows was messing up bad. I just decided to have Ubuntu as my main OS but after trying to use it I kept getting an error saying cannot idle channel 1 so i dont want to use, not only that but i found out some of the software's i use dont support linux so i would like to go back to windows 7. I tried setting my BIOS to boot off CD and I did the whole press ESC and choose boot off CD and all it did was start up Ubuntu. I also read online that if you partition your harddrive to NTSF it will delete Ubuntu and you can then boot off windows CD well that didnt work and now I only get a message: - error: unkown filesystem. grub rescue> - So I have taken it upon myself to start a thread hoping to get help soon, thanks!!!

    Also just adding in my PC will boot off the ubuntu live disk and i wont get the above mentioned error.... it just take me to where i can install or try ubuntu. I have no saved data of anykind so ill do anything to get back to windows. thanks again!
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    Hello and Welcome. I think you just need to clear the Master boot record, after that then you can boot the CD/DVD.
    I'd use parted magic.
    start ? Parted Magic
    You can use whatever you want, including the Ubuntu CD/DVD. Issue this command from the Ubuntu terminal to clear MBR.
    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda1 bs=512 count=1
    Backup anything and everything you will need from the partition - its gonna get obliterated.
    You've been warned.
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    ULTIMATE BOOT CD (I can't post links yet, so search with DuckDuckGo) has Parted Magic and a lot of other utilities that should help.

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    Hi Hykova, You may have solved this problem already but situations like this usually reqiuire a reload of Windows, in your case Win7. Just boot the Win 7 cd at startup. If your Bios is not set to boot off cd/dvd, enter Bios at start up, usually requires pressing Delete or some other key as soon as text appears on your monitor. Use your manual to find where to change the start up and be sure you have CD/Dvd as first boot in sequence it will then find your cd/dvd and begin the setup process.
    The setup will stop at a point to let you select how you want windows to use your hdd. Select the entire drive and let it load the system. Be sure to check the format box in the selection drive selection screen as it wipes everything off the drive before it reloads. The setup is mostly automated so only requires basic quiesions, suich as your name and time zone and keyboard that for usa is US. Rest is easy but as you know all files are gone for good and requires a full reload of programs, etc. Good Luck. EdWh.

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