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    Question Ubuntu 12.04 Sudo Failures Increment even with successful password

    This is a strange problem to me.

    I have /etc/pam.d/common-password and common-auth setup so that users are only allowed 3 tries to log in correctly. So that when I run sudo_tally or faillog to see how many failures a user account has it shows correctly.

    However! I have sudo privileges and I log in without issues, but then when I try to run the Ubuntu Software Center to run updates, I'm asked to enter my password, I enter it, it accepts it, but it increments the "Failures" when I run "Faillog" even though I did not screw up the password entry, it still increments the failure count. Why? I have already locked my self out once.

    What's messed up here? I need to get this fixed because other accounts are going to have the same problem I can't deploy this system like this.


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    Hi charliemp3,

    sudo will elevate privileges to root. This is not needed when logging in as a user. Type:

    to see what groups you are in, then check /etc/sudoers to see if you have gave a group sudo privileges. So lets say you are in the group wheel. Your /etc/sudoers file should have the line:

    ## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
    %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

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