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    Quote Originally Posted by TaZMAniac View Post
    You mean 404 - Page Not Found?
    Try it now, Jonathan had pasted the URL twice into the link... All fixed.
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    Remove Zeitgeist, end of spyware.

    Speaking of spyware. Have you ever noticed all the cameras on every street corner, not to mention the camera/video cell phones that are being touted. What's that TV show ,"you are being watched", "Person of Interest". You can't go anywhere without being watched. You think you are hiding secretly behind that keyboard, but...

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    I'm migrating my old computers from ubuntu 10.04 to debian 7, they run faster and safer.

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    I saw mention of Android in the GNU article, but no rant on it. Android and Google are the worst offenders, Ubuntu and Amazon are nothing compared to the OFT LAUDED Android-Google-Linux team of spyware.

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    Troll. You can fix it if it were real. But no, it is not. I will and shall go thru my book of excuses and prove your wrong. But we all know you are wrong.

    #1. If this were true, then this problem would be on all linux operating systems.

    I can list more if you want. You can't prove anything. I can and will drag experts on ubuntu here.

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