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    Exclamation Do not use Ubuntu !!!

    For the following reasons don't install or recommend Ubuntu.

    1. Development of Ubuntu is led by Canonical, Ltd. a UK-based "trading" company which generates revenue through the sale of "technical support" and "services."

    2. By installing users agree to allow Ubuntu's parent company Canonical to collect user search data and IP addresses and to disclose this information to third parties including Facebook, Twitter, BBC and Amazon.

    3. The adwares and spywares introduced in Ubuntu violates user's privacy and is one of the rare occasions in which a free software developer persists in keeping a malicious feature in its version of a program.

    4. Whenever user searches the local files for a string using Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu sends that string to one of Canonical's servers.

    5. Ubuntu has received widespread objection from the open source community for violating free system distribution guidelines.

    6. Canonical disgruntled upstream open source developers by introducing Mir, their own display server not derived from X11 or Wayland.

    7. Ubuntu's policy prohibits commercial redistribution of exact copies of Ubuntu, denying the baseline freedom.

    8. Ubuntu is basically Debian with extra "cool" look and is not binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS which are used for most scientific development.

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    In 1 you say Canonical generate revenue through the sale of tech support and services? Then in 8 you claim one of the reasons not to use it is because it's not compatible with RedHat, who are a company that generate revenues through the sale of tech support and services?

    I think you are a Troll and I claim my $5.
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    Thanks for
    link. I never knew about this. How long this has been going on ? Any other members here already know this issue?

    I'm not worried about Ubuntu making revenue or not compatible with RHEL. Spyware stuffs really worries me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakshmipathi View Post
    Thanks for
    link. I never knew about this. How long this has been going on ? Any other members here already know this issue?

    I'm not worried about Ubuntu making revenue or not compatible with RHEL. Spyware stuffs really worries me
    Not much to be worried about really. There is a commercial operating system mentioned in that link that's been doing this in secret for a long time. Here in the open source world, you get to know about it because the code is peer-reviewed.

    The point is this - that in Open Source not only do you know these problems exist, but you also have the choice of rebuilding the binaries from source code having removed those bits if you want, or switch to one of the many many other choices in the Open Source world. Canonical have chosen to behave more like a proprietary software company than an exponent of free and open software - that's their choice. It doesn't mean there isn't still a place in the market for them, and it doesn't mean their product is instantly unsuitable for general use.

    Nothing to see here, move along.
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    As someone who is still a relative noob to FOSS I can say that in gerenal I agree with some of the OP's ideas about Ubuntu but still recommend it for newcomers.

    1) Yes, I do have issues with spyware in Ubuntu. But it's still a million times better than the windows environment.

    2) You can always do what I did: Dive in "under the hood", build your own remix of Ubuntu, take that crap out and learn a ton in the process. Let me see you do that with windows.

    3) I do have some issues with some of Canonical business practices, but nothing listed by the OP. My concerns are more along the lines of their new, in depth, involvement with the Chinese government and how that may eventually effect many, many things.

    However, with all that in mind, I have been trying to "wrap my head" around linux off and on for 10 years. And I couldn't do it until I found Ubuntu because my thinking was just too deeply ingrained in the windows mindset.

    For whatever else they've gotten wrong Ubuntu is the first distro I know of that has gone a long ways towards building a bridge to the mainstream user. And that counts for a lot.

    Who cares what door they come in? Most will not crawl under the hood of ANY OS and will be happy with the shiny sparkles and dancing elephants and already don't care about the spyware built in to windows and apple products.

    But, for those who come in to FOSS through the Ubuntu door and starting digging under the hood there's a whole new world of really cool stuff waiting for you.

    Come on in!
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    If you want that warm fuzzy feeling just install Windows and then you can talk about being tracked.
    And you have no way to disable it.

    I happen to be using Mint 13 right now and I don't really have any issues with spyware.
    Most of the tracking problems comes from web browsing.
    So many sites set cookies, collect connection and location information in their bid to build a huge user database.
    Therefore I use a combination of Firefox add-ons to block most of these invasive websites.

    But to publicly state "Don't Use Ubuntu" with a list of reasons that contradict themselves as previously mentioned is
    viewed as a troll post to agitate the masses.
    And when posting a list as such, you need to present proof specifically to points 3 and 4.
    Just what is installed and how does it report back? What port numbers and information collected?

    To say that Ubuntu binaries are not compatible with Red Hat or Scientific Linux is like saying Mac software is not compatible with Windows.
    Sometimes you have to break from the norm to build a product that is user friendly or cutting edge.
    But that is the joy of Linux. It allows anyone to modify it to suit their particular needs.
    If Ubuntu wants to break off in another direction that they feel will enhance the user experience then so be it.
    It's their decision and I'm sure they have discussed this many times in many ways.

    I've probably pit too much time into my reply considering that the OP is probably trolling but I felt it needed to
    be said to clear up any misunderstanding that a future reader may have when seeing this post.
    It should also help with any future attacks against Ubuntu or Linux in general.

    Go back to Windows if you want your privacy invaded and have endless headaches with spyware, viruses and failed patches.
    I'll stick with Linux.

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    OK which distro should we use then?


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    My biggest complain has been: the recent Ubuntu version has been sluggish to run, since I always install GUI, so its performance has been unbearable. Just my 5 cents!

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    the op put the references, the claims are generally already made in the referenced information ... as a recommendation to newcomers - Mint gets my vote but really that's already covered in another thread

    I'm sure this has been discussed a few times already ...
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    I'm sure this has been discussed a few times already ...
    You mean 404 - Page Not Found?

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