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    How to fix screen tearing

    Hi Guys,

    I recently built a media centre out of a few simple parts and I am experiencing the worst screen tearing with video playback.

    I am fairly confident that it is not the projector as the same video file played on my PS3 works fine.

    So here's what I have and have tried.

    I have a as us h61m motherboard with core i3 processor, 4gb of ram and a gigabyte gt 610 graphics card.

    I am running ubuntu 12.04.

    When I first set it up I think it was working perfectly. However I can't be sure. I have done a few kernel updates and that is when I noticed it.

    I have read a lot of forums saying set both the compiz vsync and nvidia vsync on and this shoud fix the problem.

    I have tested various files, res's and refresh rates and I am truly out of my depth now. I really want this to work as I don't want to use windows.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    P.s. I haven't done much with Linux for about 10 years so treat me like a noob.



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    so adding something like +VSync didn't help?

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    I'm not familiar with configuring the default Movie Player, but I like GNOME Mplayer. Maybe you can try GNOME Mplayer, or Mplayer, or VLC. These other video players don't use the same video playback engine.
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    Are you connecting the screen via HDMI, USB or VGA?? Have you tried or are you using the Nvidia settings tool and the official Nvidia drivers?
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    I ran in to the same thing when setting up my system. I'm also on 64bit 12.04 with an Nvidia graphics card. I did a bunch of research and a bunch of tweaking of my system to make it the best I could and never did get it all solved, but made some big improvements to where it's not so bad now.

    *If* I understood what I read correctly there is an intersection between *64bit* linux, Ubuntu, Nvidia graphics and media codecs where things just don't jibe quite right. There are a lot of things you can try to fix it. But, most carry some kind of draw back.

    1) You can compile the real time patches in to your kernel. But, this has the potential to cause a lot of issues with a lot of other stuff.

    2) You can tweak some of the timing settings in your current kernel. Aftter reading about it I decided this one was above my current skill level and had the potential for too many problems.

    3) You can try the pre-compiled low-latency and ultra-low-latency ubuntu kernels. I did, they caused too many issues with other stuff on my system.

    4) You can look around on the web for some performance tweaks that apply to Nvidia / *nix cards in general and your card / distro in particular. I did some tweaking to my video card and Nvidia settings. (I had to just play with it a bit to find a good system-wide compromise of performance and quality.)

    5) You can install one of the more advanced players, like xine, and dig through it and tweak it out as best possible for your system. I did.

    I'm not a videophile. For the most part what I know about trouble shooting deep video settings came from xine's website. Once I got it down to tweaking Nvidia in general, my card in particular and xine's settings I sat here for about 12 hours and just ran trial and error on combos of setting until I came up with the best all around I could get. And it made a *huge* difference, but I do still have some *minor* vidoe shear / tear.

    Good luck with this one. I worked on it for about 10 days total to get as far as I did.

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