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    lp or lpr and tray2 without ppd file problem

    Hello all :)

    I have a big Problem. I want add a Printer in CUPS but without browser(interface). I do the following steps:
    1. edit /etc/hosts
    ...   kyocera
    2. edit /etc/cups/printers.conf
    <Printer kyocera_tray1>
    Info Kyocera TASKalfa 250ci
    Location EDV
    DeviceURI lpd://kyocera
    State Idle
    StateTime 1372200576
    Type 4
    Accepting Yes
    Shared Yes
    JobSheets none none
    QuotaPeriod 0
    PageLimit 0
    KLimit 0
    OpPolicy default
    ErrorPolicy stop-printer
    Option media lower
    Attribute marker-colors none,none
    Attribute marker-levels 87,-1
    Attribute marker-names Toner Container,Waste Toner Box
    Attribute marker-types toner,wasteToner
    Attribute marker-change-time 1372200576
    3. i restart cups with:
    /etc.init.d/cups restart
    4. i enable printer kyocera_tray1 with:
    lpadmin -p kyocera_tray1 -E
    I dont use a PPD !!!
    than i give a print job with:
    lp -d kyocera_tray1 to_print_file.txt
    My to_print_file.txt:
    ^[*p240XHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH^[*p1170X^[(s3BI n v o i c e^[(s0B^M
    ^[*p240XHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH^[*p1170X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101TOrder No.^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^[*p1470X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101TCustomer No.^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^[*p1830X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101TAgent^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^M
    ^[*p240X  HHH^[*p1830X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101Tkein Vertreter^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^M
    ^[*p1170X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101TInvoice No.^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^[*p1470X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101TDelivery Advice No.^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^[*p1830X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101TDelivery Date^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^M
    ^[*p960X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101THHHHHHHHHHHHHH^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^[*p1440X^[(s1p10v0s0b4101T+49 (0)2377 917 764^[(s1p12v0s0b4101T^M
    ^[*p240XDelivery will be made subject to our general terms and conditions:^M
    to this POINT its work all perfekt !!!
    i get a nice formating Paper :)
    My Question 1.
    With driver this printjob use ? I never have declare in all the steps a ppd file. I think the "system" use a default driver but with and how can i edit this driver to tell them use tray2
    My Question 2.
    Why i cant print with this configuration on tray 2?
    I have test:
    lp -d kyocera_tray1 -o InputSlot=Tray2 to_print_file.txt
    lp -d kyocera_tray1 -o media=Tray2 to_print_file.txt
    lp -d kyocera_tray1 -o tray2 to_print_file.txt
    lpr -P kyocera_tray1 -o media=A4 -o media=Lower to_print_file.txt
    lpr -P kyocera_tray1 -o media=A4 -o media=Upper to_print_file.txt
    I have ready and test so many howtos but nothink work :(
    If i use the GUI "localhost:631" and a PPD file i can use tray2 but the to_print_file.txt are print in ASCII formation (no tabs, tables or other formating)

    I User/have a "Sharp AR-M256" and "Kyocera FS-3900DN"

    Sorry for my very bad english and pls help me some Linux expert

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    It's something known as money. There is big money in small print jobs. Printer manufacturers are paid to keep this secret.

    Now ask me why your winmodem don't work.

    Good luck, and Peace and Cheer.

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