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Thread: Read-only!?

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    Hello people from LinuxForums!

    I'm new here and hoping you can help me with a problem with my Linux (Ubuntu).

    I've tried to change files on my Linux server, but got the error 3: Permission denied, request error 3. So my problem is that the directories are read-only.

    I've searched half the internet for a solution, but cannot find the solution to my problem. One possibility was that I've started Ubuntu in recovery mode and went as root into the terminal. There, I executed sudo chown -R to change from read-only to read/write, but each directory showed "directory is read-only".

    Can someone please help me with this problem. I'm a newbie regarding Linux / Ubuntu, so I hope someone is able to make clear to me what to do.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kind regards, Joost

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    If you want to change the permissions, you should use chmod not chown. chown is for changing owners.
    Do :

    chmod -R u+rw directorypath

    you can change u+rw with whatever permissions you want to give to the file.

    To change the owner, do:

    chown -R owner directorypath

    You might want to change the owner before changing the permissions.

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    Is this a new installation of the Ubuntu server? Have you been able to access files at all? Which directories are the files in that you want to change? Outside your /home/user directory you will usually need root permissions to make changes. Have you done that? That should resolve the permission denied error. The read-only is a different problem. Have you checked the permissions with: ls -l /?

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