I have spent most of the last week trying to resolve one situaation, specifically, not having RipIt4Me and associated software fixVTS installed and runnable on my machine.

I am running ubuntu12.4 studio, kernel and wine 1.6.

WineHQ gives RipIt4Me a gold rating under ubuntu 12.4, so I'm pretty certain that getting it running is not impossible. I have accessed dozens of urls relating to this topic via google searches and I have followed, as closely as possible all of their instructions to no avail..

I am no dummy (IQ = 186) but I don't speak computer all that well, so I think I will need line-by-line instructions valid for my existing operating system. I know Wine has evolved so quickly that instructions based on older version no longer work (I have tried them).

I must apologise in advance for my request, as I realize that it will require substantial time. Please, could one (Maybe more)of the super computer geeks out there please load my operating system / kernel and wine version onto a computer, discover/intuit how to get this software operational and provide[ true newbie-friendly line by line instructions.

Please, great gurus of computerdom have mercy upon me, a mere mortal.