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    Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit Update/Upgrade Issues

    Two or three time recently Upgrade Manager as show that I needed to install and update, but the window did not display any file/program to be upgraded. I ran apt-get update and upgrade from the cmd line, apt-get listed files/programs to be updated. (no screen captures unfortunately.) So I update using apt-get upgrade.

    I have been using apt-get to update and upgrade programs when this happened the last time. Apt-get upgrade has displayed a list of programs requiring updating and numerous updates that it withheld. When this happened I checked updates using aptitude, and aptitude would have installed all the updates. Before installing I checked via Update Manager and it appeared to list all updates. I used aptitude to perform the update. Then I checked apt-get and it reported nothing to install and nothing withheld which is what I would have suspected. Update Manager ditto. Two screen captures attached.

    My questions are:
    1. Why is Update Manager displaying an empty window on some updates and not others?
    2. Why are the results of attempting to update software different for apt-get, aptitude, and Update Manager? They should be the same shouldn't same they?

    The platform is an Intel i5 Quad Core, 8MB ram. I keep the system updated regularly so it should be patched current as of time of these updates.

    The aptitude, apt-get, update manage issue may well be my lack of understanding on the Linux update/upgrade process(es). None-the-less it seems to me each of these methods for updating/upgrading software should provide the same result(s).
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