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    Partitions and contents of paritions on ubunto 12.04 without a GUI


    I am new to Linux per say but have a fair understanding of CLI's.

    I have installed 12.04 Ubuntu installed on a 500 GB hard drive. On it, there are 11 partitions as I see up to sda11.

    How can I check to see if any of the partitions can be deleted , that is if they are empty? I have used lsblk , but I cannot tell if the partitions have data on it. I did not install Ubuntu on it originally and I believe it was created with partitions , so that in the future it can be used. I want to remove the unused partitions. I then want to see exactly how much space is being used, to see if I am able to clone the 500 GB drive using (dd) to a smaller hard drive - 160 GB.

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    You can use the command df -h to show if partitions are being used. Example output below. This only shows mounted partitions:

    df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda8 39G 14G 23G 38% /
    /dev/sda9 60G 39G 18G 70% /mnt/data
    /dev/sda10 20G 6.2G 13G 34% /mnt/sda10
    /dev/sda12 8.4G 7.2G 758M 91% /mnt/sda12
    /dev/sda2 40G 26G 14G 65% /mnt/win_7

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