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    Ubuntu ver 12.04 won't let me update

    I understand that Ubuntu's updater gets stuck on occasion. I need to be told how to unstick it, at the moment it will show me the updates but will not allow me to install them. I am a newbie to Ubuntu, however I do know how to pull up a terminal screen to enter commands. I am a transplant from the Windows environment so I may be using the wrong terms.
    How do I unstick the standard Ubuntu updater

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    You will need to clarify what you mean by "stuck". Are you manually trying to update? Do you have your machine set to do automatic updates? Does it freeze when trying to update? It may be that the servers are down or busy so you could try later. If you have already done that, you might go to the Ubuntu forums and see if there is anything posted there.

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    I've already tried to help you in the other thread you posted. Have you followed my directions and checked to make sure that you are in the sudo group?

    You did not report back what version of ubuntu you are using. It is not the main distro. The main distro uses update-manager, not muon for updates. (The most common spin that uses muon is kubuntu.)

    If you want help then you need to stick to one thread, not double post, follow the directions given, do some homework on your own and reply with information when asked. We're here to help you help yourself, not to do it for you.

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    Let me address these issues one at a time. Perhaps yancek is right, I have set this for automatic updates. However any time I get into the updater and check for updates sometimes it comes up with updates, the option in the updater says to automatically install critical updates, does that mean that the non-critical ones do not get updated? If I have this set for automatic updates how come I get updates when I click the check icon? No freezing at all.

    Steven, I logged on to these forums and I could not find the other thread so I opened this one and yes I have tried the and it has had no effect.

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