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    Ubuntu wont start properly after update

    Hi guys!

    Have tried other Ubuntu forums but didnt get any help there so hopefully you guys can help me.

    I updated Ubuntu last week and after rebooting i get the login screen but nothing else. If i press login then ctrl+alt+del i get the option to log out but thats it.

    I tried to reinstall ubuntu but it didnt help.

    Anyone who can help me or have any idea what the problem might be?

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    Was this a new install and first update? or had you run the updater previously with success?
    Are you not able to login? What happens when you try to log in?

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    No I have been using Ubuntu for a a couple of years now and never got any problems before.

    I get the login screen and when i press "login" nothing happens..but it seems like im logged in but can't do anything. all i see is the login screen.

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    Try the following
    1. At the login prompt do CTRL-ALT-F1
    2. Login to the command line
    3. Run "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop"
    4. Run "startx"

    Are you able to login after running those commands? If you see any error messages, post them here.

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    I tried it but when I press ctrl-alt-f1 the screen just turns black and I can't do anything.

    Now I can login to a guest account and my own account. But all i see now is the wallpaper. No menu bar or anything, just the background. I ran the terminal(ctrl-alt-t) and tried to upgrade the system again but after a while the terminal just turns white and then I get a error message saying " system bug" or something.

    The guest account works perfectly. Is there a way to change the theme or so to default on my user account!?

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    Might have to roll up your sleeves and try and learn some new tricks if wanting to go with a fix instead of a reinstall. So make a live Ubuntu disk so to run a Live session.
    Mount the internal hard drive after boot. Either sudo "cd" into /var/log/boot.log on internal Ubuntu install and then

    cat /var/log/boot.log
    to see if any info in there supplies any hints on what is going on. I see no mention of details of what Ubuntu version is ran in this thread also on internal hard drive. There are lots of them versions.

    I get a error message saying " system bug" or something
    We are not looking over your shoulder so that statement is no help what so ever. Exact message is needed. Not a generic "bug or something".

    I have been using Ubuntu for a a couple of years now
    Cool beans. Maybe this post will get you to go into more detail on what exactly happened and what you are running. You can also look in

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    To add to rokynji's post,

    Were you updating or upgrading?

    Might also be nice to include all your computer specifications.

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