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    Linux database needed

    I have just created an MS Access 2013 database with my Windows computers in my home and I would like my Ubuntu Linux computer to participate in the databse. I need an Ubuntu Linux database that can read and write MS Access 2013 dabases.

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    go to URL :

    MySql can access MS tables and vice versa.

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    I see, does this mean the drivers are comaptible with Access 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013. Microsoft tends to change the format the data files with each new version of their software so that you can not be compatible.

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    OK perhaps I misunderstood your requirements. You want a database that works on both linux and windows. You are desperate to make sure it will port between MS versions... even MS programs misread MS file formats!? So you're not going to spit out the data once to the new system, you are going to keep a linux database and a Windows database ongoing? You can always export as an MSV file and import same if the format has problems.

    Are you sure you don't want to adopt an open source program like postgresql or mysql that can work seamlessly on pretty much any platform? No conversion headaches. These have windows and unix versions of the same program on separate server sides. You could have a linux server and access it from the network from a windows client or vice versa.

    That might make a steeper learning curve for a new database compared with over and over fixing format conversion problems. There is a trade off, either could work.

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