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    Angry Apache2 suspicous process, can't kill and taking 100% CPU

    Hello Linuxforums,

    I have got a Problem. My Apache2 is taking 100% of my CPU without any users. There are two processes (PIDs) which are taking 2 x 50% CPU constantly. I tried to kill them but with no success, they are back in a few seconds. It really slows down my Website to 10-20 seconds load time. I can make a
    strace -p
    of that two Processes if needed, also any help would be perfect. Thank You.

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    It is possible that you have become pwnd by malware. Do this:

    1. Shut down apache (and tomcat if running).
    2. Remove them from the system using the package manager.
    3. Reboot to a Live CD/DVD drive.
    4. Scan the system disc for malware and viruses - especially your web pages.

    My guess is that your web pages have become corrupted by malware. This is not uncommon these days. When you go to reinstall your web server, make sure you have cleaned up your data, as well as locked your system down from changes much more securely. SELinux extensions may help with this.
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    I would try stopping and restarting apache2 to see if that kills the mystrey process. Then I would open a terminal and run htop (might have to install it) and set the htop option to display threads. That will help seeing what apache and apache related processes are running. It also show the command line so might help in seeing what file the process is running.

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