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    Xubuntu / Win XP - Booting possability(s). machine cant't off usb

    I have an iso (Xubuntu) burned to a usb. machine is old can't burn a cd or boot off usb. Am able to view through win explorer the files for (Xubuntu). this computer has disk 3.5. is there any way to make a boot disk off the usb? minmal files that would have to be loaded to a 3.5 disk.

    Name of files on the burned usb flashdrive (Xubuntu usb)
    .disk boot casper dists install isolinux pics pool uui preseed
    casper-rw readme.diskdefines
    md5sum bootex license uni-usb-Installer-readme

    Or Since i am new to Linux/Xubuntu i could use instructions on making a bootable disk for Xubuntu using Xubuntu to make it on a notebook i have that is bootable off the usb.

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    The universal usb-installer you mention is windows software which can be used to create a bootable Linux flash drive. What are you referring to with '3.5 disk'? Are you talking a bout and old floppy drive or a 3.5GB hard drive or something else? Your last sentence seems to indicate that you have Xubuntu and want to make another Xubuntu installation medium but your intentions are not really clear.

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    machine is old can't burn a cd or boot off usb.
    Can you be more descriptive on it's specs. Old is subjective. That describes the IBM T23 I am posting from in AntiX.

    this computer has disk 3.5
    I am guessing Floppy? Anyhows. Ubuntu won't run anyways on what you have described so far and that is not much.
    Mostly guess work on my part.

    If wanting to boot USB off of Floppy Disk. I have done

    antiX-forum - View topic - antiX-M11 'Jayaben Desai' released

    if wondering wtf is plop.

    Plop - Documentation / Manual / Examples - Free Boot Manager, builtin usb driver, native usb, boot different operating systems, cdrom, usb, freeware, option rom bios

    above link is for making a bootable plop floppy disk boot loader that will
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