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    Besides TrueCrypt, any other device encryption apps that have GUI?

    I have tried to learn how to encrypt external devices with dmcrypt/LUKS but it is just too difficult. Something always gets messed up and it doesn't work.

    TrueCrypt just works. Too bad dmcrypt/LUKS doesn't come with a basic GUI that just gives options for cyper, hash, etc and then automates the setup.

    Now that TrueCrypt is no longer being maintained, is there any other choice for encrypting an entire external device for use on Ubuntu?

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    alternativeTo has a list of 15 *nix compatible alernatives; some free, some paid.

    I don't have any experience with any of them and so can't recommend one over another.

    I will say however, that years ago I used other encryption software from Jetico on doze and it was quality software, was well maintined, reasonably priced and had good customer and technical support. I can't say if that's still the case b/c it's been going on 10 years since I used any of their stuff. As a matter of fact I moved from them to TrueCrypt b/c TC was free.

    I also found several tutorials for using newer versions of ubuntu to set up various encryption scenarios.

    How to install Ubuntu 14.04 on encrypted MBR partitions

    How To Install Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop With Encrypted LVM


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