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    Apache installation

    Hi everyone i installed apache from its official website and manually configured it.But some problem occured and i could not open apachectl at all.So i m unstalling it and i wish to start from scratch,could someone please give me the manual installation steps???

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    Here are the basic steps from Apache themselves for compiling from source.

    EDIT:: Forgot to post link Compiling and Installing - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2

    What flavor of linux are you using? There is most likely a MUCH easier way to install...

    If using something RedHat based such as CentOS, Fedora etc...

    sudo yum -y install httpd

    If you're using something Debian based... Ubuntu or whatnot.

    sudo apt-get install apache2

    There are other package managers out there... But those are the two most commonly used.

    I'm sorry if I'm explaining something you already know, but I'm assuming you're reasonably new to linux from the question. A package manager will connect to a repository of packages that are pre-built for the OS you're using. It will download, install, create any users needed & create an init script to more easily launch apache so you technically wouldn't even need apachectl command.

    Also.. btw what do you mean you couldn't open apachectl at all? The command wasn't found?

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    I agree with WhyNotKeithberg. If you don't need to install from source then I wouldn't bother. You can customize the config after installing the pre-packaged version with "yum" or "apt-get". So unless you need to patch the source or are on an OS that doesn't support a package manager or some sort then it's probably not worth the aggravation to start from source.

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