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    Ubuntu 14.04 - Booting RAID1 from Grub2 - device in use problem

    Hi all,

    I have two disk system with sda already installed with Ubuntu 14.04 and running perfectly. (This is a remote box with no direct access for a bootCD)

    My aim is to use full RAID1 for the system with md0 as a the swap partition and md1 for the system.

    As a first step I've create the new raid configuration on the sdb, copied over the system files and updated the mdadm.conf & stab files on md1 accordingly.

    The issue ==>

    When I reboot the machine and go into the Grub2 console I can see md1 with no problem (and list the files for checking).

    I enter the commands:

    set root=(md/1)
    set prefix-(md/1)/boot/grub
    linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/md1 bootdegraded=true bootdelay=1000
    initrd /initrd.img

    The problem ==>

    The system fails to load md1 to the root, with the error message:

    "mount: mounting /dev/md1 on /root failed: Device or resource busy"

    Any help appreciated.

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    It turns out that the kernel rootdelay/bootdelay command does not work and is ignored so I had to add a delay within the initramfs script:

    echo “sleep 60” > /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-premount/delay_for_md_array_to_build_before_mounting
    update-initramfs -u
    now boots treat every time

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