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    Upgrade Ubuntu on a multi-boot system

    I have a multi-boot system with an old version of Ubuntu, I'd say ~4 years old; and Windows, with which I'm writing this. I'm not sure how it was partitioned but I--think--it was a complex one, that I've set something for swap, programs, temporary, etc, it could be only 1 for Ubuntu; I think it's the former because I also have Debian on it and I think they share the swap. I don't need the Debian, which should be about as old as the Ubuntu, so if I could reassign its space for Ubuntu or Windows, or leave it how it is if it's too complicated.

    I got a bootable newer version of Ubuntu on a USB stick which I'd like to upgrade the system but I've never upgraded linux. I barely ever saved anything on the Ubuntu partition so I don't mind wiping the old one. I'd like to ensure nothing on the Windows partition get deleted or overwritten in the process, an of course will be able to boot on it at the end. How should I proceed?

    Thank you kindly
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    First of all it would be nice to know what your partitioning scheme looks like.

    Second, once you know, delete all non Windows partitions and then install Ubuntu as usual on the deleted partitions. Of course you shouldn't expand the Windows partitions after deleting or you won't have space for Ubuntu. Although if I remember correctly Ubuntu can resize the Windows partitions automatically to make space for Ubuntu.

    So to sum up:

    1- delete everything but Windows
    2- install Ubuntu on the free space you have left
    3- profit

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    so you have a 4 year old ubuntu install that you never maintained, never updated/upgraded, for 4 years?
    upgrading it now most likely won't work.
    but in any case i don't see how it could damage your windows stuff in the process.


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