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    What is this issue

    Have an old Asus laptop, it had Windows 7 on it with a bad drive, replaced the drive put 9.04 on it, then 14.04, tryed 16.04 but it wouldn't Install, went to 17.04, now 18.04. On 14.04, 17.04 and 18.04 they worked flawless until I restarted the computer. Then there super slow, took Firefox like 20 mins to load Google.

    The only thing I want this laptop for is running runescape. As I like to play occasionally and can't justify 350$ just to play runescape.

    I used to run 10.04 on my system when it was fresh and loved it, took a hiatus from computer stuff, now I've been plagued by Ubuntu bugs 1 after another. I doubt it's my hardware, because it runs really good until the restart. I would tell you what hardware I have but it won't open the settings. I know it's got like a 2.8ghz i3 x4.

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    What model Asus computer?

    How much RAM have you got?

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    So, while install is in memory its good; on reboot its bad.
    Settings are wrong, or... (pick one or more)

    Ram failure,
    Motherboard failure,
    GPU failure,
    CPU failure.

    I use to show all the info on a windows system....

    Your request is not very clear and is lacking the details required.

    Model #
    year produced
    what you have done to fix
    software running

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