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    Back up Wiki page detaiuls in Ubuntu Linux

    I run a ubuntu linux server which is been equipped with Wikipage, bugzilla and eclipse sub version. I would be grateful if anybody could help me out in taking a back up for wiki and bugzilla only from my server.
    thanking you in advance,

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    do u know how the wiki stores the data? Is it in a database, if so, what type? or in flat files?

    If it's a mysql database, you can backup the whole database with the following command (assuming "user" is a valid mysql user, that has access to the database and "database" is the name of the database you are backing up)
    mysqldump -u user -p database > database.sql
    That will dump the database into a file in the current working directory into a file called database.sql.

    If it's flat files, you can back the whole wiki up by tarring it into a tarball. simply cd to the directory the wiki files folder is in then do:
    tar czvf wiki-backup.tar.gz ./wiki-folder/*
    (assuming the folder all the files are in is called wiki-folder, and that will create a file called wiki-backup.tar.gz containing all the wiki's files.
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    thanks sdousley for ur instant response, will check out and reply back.

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