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    cannot access admin tasks

    hi all,

    i have just installed ubuntu after trying debian and am finding it great

    i went into the users control panel and being used to debian i changed my user privileges to not being able to perform admin tasks

    now i realize that i cannot log in as root so i am stuck

    sudo doesnt work (it just goes to another prompt)
    su doesnt work as i cannot supply a password(apparently there isnt one)

    please help!!!

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    By default, Ubuntu doesn't use a root password, you can change this so that you can use su.

    sudo passwd root

    But, since sudo doesn't work, I don't think you will be able to give root a password.

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    Logging in as root is disabled, and I am almost positive that you cannot enable it as a login feature. You can use su as suggested above, but I am going to assume you do not know how to use the sudo command. Whenever you need to run a command that requires a root password use sudo and then the command. It will then ask you for a password. The password is the password of the currently logged in user. You maintain a passport or key chain as some call it, basically you can use the sudo command for arround ten minutes after you enter the original password -- without being prompted for the sudo password. Hope this helps. Also, anytime the gui prompts you for a "root" password, just enter the password of the current logged in user.

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    Thumbs up fixed(kind of)

    well doesn't matter now:

    reinstalled ubuntu
    i hadn't made any special changes so oh well


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