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    Hi again.

    I still can't get the MP3 sound in GNOME but they run when I use KDE using differeent applications. As I downloaded KDE instead of installing from a CD Rom, maybe there's files mising in GNOME? If that's true, then maybe just downloading a newer version of UBUNTU and doing a clean install would be the best option? Or, I get an alert in GNOME abount updates, I could try letting them install, what do you think is best?


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    Well, Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 got out this week and you are still Hoary 5.04.

    I would try something newer yes.
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    Follow the directions here: and you will be mounting all your partitions in no time!


    in order for you to install 'firestarter', you will need to enable 'Universe/Multiverse' repo's in your /etc/apt/sources.list...

    then run 'sudo apt-get update' and then go to 'adept or synaptic' package manager, hit 'Ctrl F' and enter 'firestarter' in the search field.

    Good Luck!

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