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    Installing Software

    I am a novice. I am using Ubuntu. I dont know how to update anything. I clicked on update under the menu and it said everything is up to date. However, I have firefox 1.05. I downloaded the new one and extracted to temp. Now i dunno how to run it or install it. Tried /configure, ./configure, make... nothing is working. What should I do? Feeling quite handicapped in this new system.

    TIA for all the efforts and your precious time.

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    Welcome to the linux community
    There are comprehensive instructions for installing the latest firefox here
    Have fun
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    I used that GUI based program to update my things. ANd it worked. But later when it was closing it said Run firefox the normal way that you would. I selected the icon and stuff but its all broken now. I know it has installed firefox to the folders bt how to run it?
    Then second on my laptop I dont see the power sign on the desktop reads "Unknown Battery" It doesnt indicate that its direct ac power.

    First i need to fix these and then i can go back to my ubuntu .
    Am i that dumb or am i that unsuitable for Linux??

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    We are all dumb but none of us are unsuitable for linux
    When you say thaat you selected the icon, you meant an icon on your desktop? If that is so, it probably points to the older version of firefox which is no longer there, he answer is to delete that shortcut and use the menu system instead.
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    I tried from menu as well.

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    The new version of Ubuntu just came out today, and it has the latest Firefox. If you want to upgrade...

    If you don't want to upgrade, use this script to install the newest Firefox.

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    Help - installing

    Ok, guys, here's the deal.

    I am a novice Linux user. In the Windows side of my life <<<shiver>>>, I'm a Domain Admin, used to running a Windows network. I'm learning Linux, and am starting to feel comfortable with it. Currently using Kubuntu. Here's my question...

    I am trying to install software (.tar.gz and .tar.bz2) using command line. Have done the following:

    -Extracted archives (using "tar" command).

    - I want to configure, make, and then make install to finish install proccess.

    When I type ./configure, it tells me there is no file or directory.

    Help please.



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    Welcome to forum. Seems like you are also in the same boat. For this i figured out that I was missing on some packages so I installed all the developer's pack and it went ok. I hope someone out here helps on that. I ll also suggest you reading another post in which I asked similar question. Its under Linux Newbie category under the thread "My First Step -linux"

    ::Moderator Note:: Added link. -TM
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