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    Well, my problem is I got no clue what my version is.
    Cause there isn't any version on the adapter nor the box it came out of.

    Anyhow, I can't ask my parents about that B or G.
    They don't even know what a router means only that it shares internet.
    They have a IQ or a peanut and that is a fact.

    So,... I'll try to put my DNS up and maybe that will work.
    It should be like: right?
    Cause my router IP is like that.

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    Is the machine you are posting from on the same LAN? If so, you should be able to find the DNS entries in it's network configuration utility. I forget where DNS is located on Windows machines...

    EDIT: By the way, your parents are smarter than you give them credit. When you get into your mid-twenties you'll realize just how smart they really are!
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    Well, I looked at the DNS part. or
    But none worked for me.

    Seriously my dad is smarter but my parents divorced.
    But that is out of the point.
    It's my stepdad that is making the trouble out of nothing.
    So,... there is nothing for me to do.

    Could you maybe put some screenshots what you've done?


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