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    Exclamation initial install problems stuck on start screen

    Im using an old emachine computer with windows 98 originally on it. What I am trying to do is install Ubuntu on to this computer and wipe everything else out. I got the cds in the mail so no download problems here. I put in the 'install cd' and restarted the computer. Ubuntu boots up but gets stuck on the first initial prompt. "The default installation is suitable for most desktop or laptop systems. Press F1 for help and advanced install ation options. To install only the base system, type 'server' then ENTER. For the default installation, press enter. boot: _ " Thats all I get. I can't type anything, when I press enter nothing happens. When I type server nothing comes up and nothing happens. When I press F1 nothing happens. I've tried restarting and doing it all over again but the same thing happens. Is it possible that its not picking up my keyboard? or is the problem somewhere else? Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Could be ubuntu not reading your keyboard, but you really need to post more info about your system.

    Win98 tells me that you have a fairly old board. I installed ubuntu breezy on an old test box with a intel P3 and got little gliches and back-talk from her, so its quite possible that your box does not have enough kahonies to handle the OS!

    I would wipe the HD clean, insert the ubuntu disk, let her partition and format the way that she suggests and see what happens.

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    thanks for the reply but I got it to work. I used my moms keyboard from her machine. I think it was because my keyboard used a usb port where my moms was er.. the circular kind with the pins..haha sorry not so good with the tech words. Everything works great now, installation went good. Thanks for the help.

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