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Thread: Where's gnome?

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    Where's gnome?

    that's just it. i installed ubuntu and got a terminal shell instead of gnome. what's up?

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    You need to provide more info.

    where did you get your installation from? was it an iso image? did you install from the internet?

    Please post your system information. (what kind of hardware etc...)

    What was the name of the installation file that you used?

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    Okay i got it directly from the ubuntu website. I twas a 700mb iso which i burned on to a cd-r. I used the server CD, not the desktop CD. MY specs are:
    Intel P3 933Mhz, about 300 mb ram, 100 GB hard disk...
    i don't think it's the specs of my computer anyway...?

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    You are probably right.

    Did you install OVER Windoze? Or did you perform a clean install?

    I say this because I have had similar experiences with Linux OS's on older PC's when installing without wiping!

    Other then that I would guess that you burned the wrong iso for your platform.

    I'm not real learned on the specifics of 64bit and 32bit But I DO know from experience that the wrong one will cause all types of system failures.

    A 'Server'? thats a little much for your box aint it?

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    I dont think the server cd intalls gnome as default, download the dektop and install from that

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    well i installed server cus it said installs directly to computer but i will try desktop thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellhawk123
    well i installed server cus it said installs directly to computer but i will try desktop thanks.
    Desktop does the same, all that you need to do is insert the cd and let it boot as a live cd and then click on the intall me icon on the desktop and it does the rest for you

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    to install gnome from the server install all you have to do is from the command prompt sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
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    Okay I downloaded and burned the desktop CD, and booted it up. I selected Start or Install Ubuntu and waited. It got all the way up to starting to load X, when it kind of just stopped. It was stuck at a black screen with an cursor that looks like a black 'X' with a white border around it. It was stuck there for like 10 minutes. I dunno what's wrong.

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    kay sorry i got it working.

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