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    Serious partition problem

    Ok, so here's my story:
    I have 2 computers, my main and my sub. I first tried installing xubuntu on my sub computer. It worked. Then i tried installing it on my main computer.

    bad news. It finished partitioning but i think it messed something up. I restarted the computer and it said it couldn't run windows because it was missing a hal.dll, so I ran a boot disk, typed in bootcfg /rebuild. It told me that i couldn't find a windows installation, and something about file corruption. I tried to expand the hal.dl_ file but it told me access denied. I checked the drive which was supposed to have windows on it, D:, and when i did 'dir' it apparently wasn't the right drive cus it had nothing on it. I have no idea what is going on. What the hell do i do? Is this a corrupt partition?

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    the partition is still there or it wouldn't find anything of windows at all, so you wouldn't get the missing hal.dll message.

    try doing a repair install of windows. in the setup from the boot cd hit enter to set up a new install (ie not r for recovery console), f8 to agree to the eula and then hit r at the screen where it asks you if you want to fresh install or repair existing installs. if you get it right the process should start immediately. if not anything you do that would jeapordise data on the drive will come up with a warning and ask for confirmation. if you see that you're doing it wrong so start again!

    edit: sorry - do this first before you play with linux again. i'm not sure how it will effect which os controls boot and you want linux to sort that out on a dual boot machine.

    a repair install of windows should leave your install just as it was when you last used it, apps installed, settings saved etc but reinstalls the underlying system. we use it at work primarily when a windows install on one hard drive moves to a new motherboard and it can't cope with different chipsets and missing drivers.

    good luck

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    Ok when i opened tried that it gave me a list of partitions. One partition which i had most of my stuff at said 11453MB(11452MB free). Please tell me it's kidding me. Could a partition messup really destroy the entire partition!?!?!

    gah this sucks!

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    bump sdfasdfasdfsafsa

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellhawk123
    Ok when i opened tried that it gave me a list of partitions. One partition which i had most of my stuff at said 11453MB(11452MB free).
    That doesn't tell us much.

    Are you able to do the Windows installation repair?
    Are you able to boot in Xubuntu? What does
    fdisk -l
    tell you about the partitions? Does the numbers look OK?

    How did you install Xubuntu on this computer? Did you resize the Windows partition? Or did you had free unpartitioned space?

    Please give more details.
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