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    Installing Applications from Kubutu & Xubuntu CDs in Ubuntu

    I have downloaded Ubuntu. Kubuntu & Ubuntu and installed Ubuntu. Is there any way to install KDE and other programs like kaffeine, k3b from the Kubutu CD also Xfcee environment and programs in Xubutu CD to my Ubuntu system.

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    I believe there is a way to do this. You'll need to point apt-get to those CDs as one of its sources. I'm not positive (antidrugue might be of more help) but I think you just insert the CD you want and run apt-config or apt-setup, and tell it to look for the CD.
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    If you'd prefer to get all the latest versions, you can add the online apt sources. You could pretty much copy every line in /etc/apt/sources.list and replace "ubuntu" with "kubuntu" or "xubuntu".

    deb breezy main restricted
    deb breezy main restricted
    deb breezy main restricted

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    Are you without an internet connection? If so, yes, you can use the Alternate CDs (not the Desktop CDs) as repository sources for installing software.
    sudo apt-cdrom add
    sudo aptitude update
    sudo aptitude install k3b kaffeine
    for example.

    If you have an internet connection, just get the right repositories and then
    sudo aptitude update
    sudo aptitude install k3b kaffeine
    Read more about installing software here:

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    What is an Alternate CD? Is that the kubutu/xubuntu installation CD? I am using ubuntu 6.06. If it is a separate package CD where can I find one? Is it available for download?

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    The Alternate CD is different from the usual install disc. It is required if you want to upgrade from a previous distribution, I think the idea is that it gives you more control over what you install. You can find them in the normal place:
    Just click on your favourite mirror, you'll see the Alternate CD isos listed. Then you can mount or burn the CD and use
    sudo apt-cdrom add

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    Thanks I am downloading the alternate CDs. Will try using the method. And sucessss!!. Thanks a lot

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