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    Ubuntu 6 update partition bug?

    I used to have Ubuntu 5 on my laptop, and on the 3rd, i updated it to Ubuntu 6, but after the update, i noticed in gpartition that i had 2 partitions

    hda1 = 50 mb for /
    hdb2 = 19 gb which is unformatted

    ive checked the disk under cfdisk, and it gave me the same report that hdb2 is unformatted.

    the odd part is that... I have more then 10gb in data on that laptop :o

    it used to be just one big HDD that was an ext3 for ubuntu, and now it happens to be unformatted, and yet still usable...

    odd huh?

    is there Umm... something i can do to get it to normal? (i dont want to reformat it, because im 100% sure that my 10gb of data is in that 19gb "unformatted" partition)

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeneedhelp
    because im 100% sure that my 10gb of data is in that 19gb "unformatted" partition)
    If so, you can just manualy re-write the partition table, using a LiveCD (Ubuntu for example) and "cfdisk". You can just mark that "hdb2" partition as "linux" partition (#82 I think) -- don't forget to [ Write ] the changes -- and reboot. If there is any data on it you'll see it (in ext3).
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