I am trying to run either Gizmo or Kphone. However, Gizmo the audio is just very slow and slurred. Kphone just doesn't hear what I am saying into the mic and is having issues with accepting incomming calls as it seems to say the soundcard is busy.

I have neither an asound.conf nor a .asoundrc file. The card is a Soundblaster Live with daughter card for SP/DIF (CT4620) using the emu10k1 module with no OSS wrapper.

What I would like is for most apps to use output hw0:2 (the co-ax out) and my VoIP app to use the plugged in headphone/mic combo.

Running Dapper with 2.6.15-25-server and XFCE on an i386 box. Pointer, tips, hints or tricks wold be welcome. If you need more info, I can provide it.

Thanks in advance,