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    Reinstalled 6.06 and now have some problems

    I had to reinstall Ubuntu 6.06 (64bit) because it wouldn't boot when I replaced my other drives, and didn't know how to modify grub etc to make it work.

    I now have the following issues, but everything was fine before I had to reinstall.

    Nvidia 6800GT
    I've reinstalled the nvidia-glx and enabled it, I get 3d graphics now without any problems, but when checking dmesg it reports that the nvidia taints the kernel. What does this actually mean.

    Freecom DVB-T
    I had this previously working as well, and managed to get it to work once since the re-install but now not loading the firmware. I've placed the firmware file in both kernel directories (the old one and the updated one I got after Ubuntu updated itself). I have installed all w32 codecs and also used Automatix.

    On the new install I need to edit the boot descriptions for my drives, as I have multiple drives and it is giving the wrong description for some of them so I want to change so shows correct details. How do I do this

    Install DVD
    The synaptic software and also apt-get update keeps reporting that the installation dvd is not correct, but I can go back in and re-add it and its then ok, but getting multiple entries in my sources list.

    I have a hp-693c printer attached to a netgear printserver. If I set this up using cups and point it to the ip address I can print a single test sheet, but then nothing else. None of the other options work.

    Any help on this is appreciated - and simple instructions on how to fix as not that brilliant with linux


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    The grub details are in /boot/grub/menu.lst
    As for the DVD, you could just forget about it and use online sources. That way you get the latest packages too.

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    I don't have much faith in linux's 64bit support. I know some programs (like flash) just don't work, and others need work arounds and stuff.

    I could be wrong but from experience the 64bit version of ubuntu is less stable. I recommend installing the 386 version of ubuntu. It is deadly stable on my amd 2800+ and has ALL of the software I need. 64 bit is just a little too restrictive in the software sense at the moment, IMHO.

    If you still get the above problem with the 386 version than i'm don't know how to help you

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    I installed a 32-bit chroot, so I don't have any issues. But if it's any hassle 386 is the way to go, since 64-bit doesn't offer any advantages yet.

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    I've managed to get everything working except printer, but have same problem even if use 32bit versions of linux

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