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    installing KDE apps on a gnome system?

    Okay this is just a general idea.
    But is it generally advised to NOT install apps which are KDE apps when you're running Ubuntu, as the gnome based system?

    I don't want a KDE based system such as Kubuntu, but I wouldn't mind 1 or 2 KDE programs.

    Is this a bad idea?

    Also, anyone have any experience with Xubuntu? I'm thinking of switching to it because I enjoy Fvwm and Fluxbox quite a bit. But I haven't decided yet. Even then I'll still want things like Listen Media Player (a gnome app) and other KDE apps.


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    Not sure about Ubuntu, but most distros work just fine with both Gnome and KDE apps installed but you'll have to install quite a few extra KDE libraries and other files to get the KDE apps going.

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    Yeah that was kind of what I was afraid of, having to install quite a bit. That's probably the one draw back of ubuntu, is that you're stuck right off the bat with gnome. Makes me almost miss Gentoo.
    Thanks for your quick reply Ozar.

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    It's really no big deal to run KDE or other QT-based apps in a Gnome environment. If you select the apps you want in Synaptic, it will take care of the rest. The only thing to worry about is the extra drive space taken up by the libraries, if you have a small hard drive.
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    I have 120 GB and that doesn't include my 120 GB dedicated only for media. I think I'm ok on that end actually.

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