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    Installing Xp after ububtu. Help!!

    I recently installed ubuntu on my hdd and wiped my hdd clean when installing it(my choice), because i wanted a dual boot system i decided to re-install windows xp, i put the cd in and rebooted my comp and then tried to boot of the cd but i doesn't run and just boots to ubuntu, so i re-installed ubuntu leaving a partition and tried running the xp disk again but it wont run, anyone got any suggestions please.....

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    You will need to set the boot order in your BIOS so that it checks the CD-ROM drive for a bootable disk before the HDD.

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    First of all you probably need to install XP first. Trying to install Windows *after* Linux is installed is going to give you nothing more than a migraine.

    Save yourself time and trouble and go install XP then install Ubuntu afterwards.

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    A fairly simple solution

    Try to back-up all your data. Then change BIOS boot order to something like CD, A:, C:. After doing that insert your XP's CD-ROMS and reformat your hard-drive (if you can, an FAT or FAT32 file-system) and then install Ubuntu using the GRUB boot loader. Then restore your data that you backed up.

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    Rishi's right. If your harddrive is booting up first you have to change the settings in your BIOS. For doing a Windows install after a Linux install it would be nice to change which partition is bootable from a LiveCD to a partition that has a /boot directory. Off hand I don't know of any partition tool that can do that in Linux. I know there's no option within windows MMC to change which partition is bootable because Windows doesn't recognize Linux filesystems. Maybe partition Magic can do it because I believe it has support for Linux filesystems. Before anything back up all your information especially because I assume that you're using NTFS. NFTS can be a pain sometimes when it comes to Linux support. But by the way it looks you'll more than likely have to install Windows first then Linux second.

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