Well this is what happening...

When I put my Zyxel G-302 v2 Wireless desktop card without installing the driver first, while starting my computer, it hangs at "loading the hardware drivers" stage. Is there anybody came across with this issue with same or different wireless card? This is happening prior to the installation of driver for it.

So, I removed the card and started my computer. I fould that Zyxel has driver support for their Zyxel G-302 V3 model and not for V2. So I downloaded the driver for that one. Copied it my home directory. When I run ./makedrv to compile, it errors out. It is trying find "Build" folder under lib\module\linux2.6.X.X. It says no directory or file. I can not create a folder here. I don't know why..

Also, what is the meaning of the following command..


XXX is dir
YYY is dir
ZZZ is dir

I am fairly new to linux and I still understaning it. Can someone explain me where the driver should go in this folder structure. Also, please feel free to guild me so that I get this working.

Thanking you in advance...