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    Installing Linux: is Ubuntu a bad starting point??

    I've got amy HP Pavillion 5052, with AN ati Radeon Xspress graphics card on my laptop.

    I had Breezy installed for a few months with just a command prompt interface as i could get X to work.
    When i use the dpkg-reconfigure.... its says "xserver is broken or not fully installed"
    When i try to install X with apt-get install xorg it says (the damn thing) "xorg file not found"

    So today i repartitioned the hard drive, and thought maybe the Expert mode might help. It seemed to be going smoothly right up until the reboot, when after installing about 25% of the packages it just failed and "one or more packages failed to install.... there might be bugs on the cd or you're out of disk space..." shouted out from the display (it didn't really)

    I'd partitioned my disk with at least 300MB for all partitions,except /. , /home,
    /var with all had a 1.5gb

    The cdrom i used was the one sent from Ubuntu and i tried 3 different kernels but still no joy!!

    can anyone advise me

    My cpu is an AMD Turion64 technology ML-32 chip

    Also some in a log file i noticed "DSDT in initrd is missing" or something to that

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    sounds like it might be a bad cd. i ordered the ship-it cd's before and out of the 10 i ordered only 3 actually worked.

    ubuntu is a pretty good place to start. at least on every box i've tried it on it's configured all my hardware for me and there is a lot of documentation and the community is great, but on the other side of the coin if it's not working with your hardware try something else.

    that's the cool thing about Linux. I like cookies and cream ice cream so that's what i eat, but by all means eat chocolate or vanilla if that's what you like better.

    Suse, Fedora, SimplyMEPIS, or even Knoppix might fit your needs better, but like i said i'd probably just try a different cd first and try to get that one going.
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    I'd agree the CD sounds dodgy. Maybe try a newer release, indeed order a new set of Dapper Drake CDs from Ubuntu. If there's one thing I've seen from Ubuntu it's its good X configuration.

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    Ya sometimes ya get a bad a cd... im not having much luck with kubuntu myself, so i wouldnt say at the moment its a good starting point... Im having alot of problems installing programs and games (wesnoth is on the chopping block as we speak).

    A distro i disliked but must say it was alot simpler was Xandros... i installed it in 4 clicks and it configured everything by itself... also if you go to install programs you can install 3rd party rpm's with a click of a button.

    Ubuntu is debain based, Xandros is red hat based...
    My first bout with a debain system has been hell but im still working on it.

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