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    Ubuntu on a Toshiba

    Has anyone here put Ubuntu (or Kubuntu) on a Toshiba Satellite r15? It is a convertible tablet, and I'm wondering if there are drivers so my stylus will work correctly. If not Ubuntu, has anyone here installed any other Linux distro on this kind of computer? I have Kubuntu on a PowerMac G4 and LOVE it, but I am willing to try a different distro, I just REALLY want Linux on my tablet! Thanks.

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    Ubuntu, like many Linux distros, has a live CD version. You can try it out (without installing anything) and see how well it does.

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    I think what he was asking was if there were drivers availible ecause his styus is not working under Ubuntu... Correct? If that is the case, I woudl try a google search. You could also try NDISwrapper to install windows drivers.

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    You are correct, Freedom. The Google search has thus far proved fruitless, so I was hoping someone may have gone before me in this and might have some pointers.

    Your suggestion is a good one. How easy it is to set up, in your expirence? I haven't tried it before. My tablet is my work machine (I design for the theatre), and I want it working as smoothly as possible as quickly as possible. I know that's wishful thinking if I'm working with complicated stuff, but I'm being optimistic.

    I am also a "she", btw.

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    Good news.

    I got it working. It's a matter of installing a couple of packages. Quite simple really.

    Now I feel silly.

    Well, if anyone else needs instructions on it, let me know.

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