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Thread: please help

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    please help

    hey guys i too am very new to linux, i am trying to install it on my compaq. My problem is somewhat small but its still bothering me. I am tryin to back up my files so that i can repartition my windows partition because it is too big. Now my problem is how do i effieciently back it up? i know sounds stupid but i seriously dont know how to back up my files and my operating system. Am i supposed to back up my windows as well? im running xp, so if anyone wants to help please do

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    You can make images of your current partitions/drives with something like Norton Ghost, Acronis TrueImage, or PartImage. That way if something goes wrong, you can restore your saved images in just a few minutes.

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    As ozar said, the best way to backup an OS partition is by making an image. While regular data (documents, music, videos, etc.) can simply be burned onto a CD or DVD, operating systems don't take too kindly to this, so it is preferable to make a image, which is an exact replica of the partition.

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    Hi. Installing Winblows is simple enough, so if is necessary it won't be too hard. All you need to do is backup your files. This can be done easily. If you have a cd burner, it will appear in My Computer in xp. Open this and it will show a blank folder. Make sure you put a disk in before opening the my computer/cdrw/dvd drive. Copy and paste all files in there. Once all desired data has been copied to the disk, click file, then click write these files to disk. It will walk you through a wizzard.

    Now as for backing up your winblows partition, if you really want to try linux before doing anything to your hard drive, download the ubuntu 6.06 image. When you burn this, you stick it in your computer and reboot with it. the cd will boot, and the gnome desktop will load. You are now free to do as you wish here. The CD will operate just as if you were running it on your hard drive. If you truly like it you may install it while running the CD, all you do is double click the 'install icon' on the desktop. If you truly want to stick with winblows, then you can specify in the installer to not erase the whole disk, but make room for itself. sorry for the long post but I figured I'd give an overview of what is the best route for you to take.


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