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    Netgear WG311v2 Wireless

    I am running Ubuntu linux 6.06, and I have a Netgear WG311v2 wireless card in the PCI slot. I can not get it to work. I have tried wifi drivers. I do not have access to the internet and I don't have any progams like fedora. I have a Dlink router, but I cannot connect to it. I know the IP of the router. The 3 things that show up in network connections are wlan0, eth0 and eth1. Any help on getting my wireless card configured using terminal commands and such to get it to pick up my router???

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    Also, I've bought a bunch of ethernet cords and connectors, and ran them up to my computer. The cords and the connectors work because I've plugged them into my windows computer and got a connection, but when I run them to my computer, I still get the network icon with the slash through it, saying I have no network connection. The green light over the port in the back of my computer is lit up, meaning that my mobo recognizes it, but Ubuntu won't connect.

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    take out your wifi card, and plug your ethernet cable into your pc and router. when you boot your computer up look for the verbose (text bit) about starting network interfaces, it should give you an ip address when booting. if you miss it, open up a terminal and type "ifconfig" and on the second line of the eth0 part, you should have a valid ip address ( or or similar).---ignore the lo section 127.0.01 is not the one your looking for.
    when you have that, open up a browser window and dig out your router manual.
    usually routers have a web interface to configure them by, so look for the adress in the manual, more often that not it'll be or, type it into firefox/konqueror/dillo---http://192.168 etc-----don't use a www. after the http://)
    if you can get into that then great, your ethernet is working!
    log into your router and make sure everythign is set up right for your ISP.
    save any settings and log out. (you might need to restart your router/comp)
    now try using your browser to get to a web page. if that works great!, your on the web. now google for "automatix" (its an automatic installer with some bits and bobs you need to get wifi going)
    install automatix as per the instructions on their site (v.easy to follow)
    fire up automatix and install all wifi related stuff (especially a prog called ndiswrapper)
    dig out your windows driver disc for your wifi card,
    google "ndiswrapper" or look on the howto section of this website and look for driver installation instructions, ideally print these or save it to hdd.
    turn off computer and insert wifi card remove ethernet cable. follow ndiswrapper installation procedure.
    once complete, type ifconfig once again in the terminal and you should have a valid ip address under section wlan0
    you should be good to go!
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