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    Need help with Nvidia.

    I tried the nvidiaguide on the forum and I was wondering what package is kernel-sources on ubuntu?

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    If you want to run the installer from the nVidia site you need to get the following packages -
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential gcc gcc-3.4 xserver-xorg-dev
    However nVidia drivers are all pretty good so you don't necessarily have to get the latest one. The nVidia drivers are available in the repositories, and in fact if you have installed Automatix to get codec, commercial software etc you can install the drivers directly there.

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    Hey I am completly new to linux, so I may not know what I am talking about but.....

    I recently installed the 3D drivers for my nvidia card, I just followed the instructions located at the ubuntu web site.-

    BTW, I did have to do sudo gedit, or what ever that text editor is called, and open xorg.conf and changed where it said driver "nv" to "nvidia", and then restart the windows manager, but it was not hard, just back up xorg.conf before to try to mess with it. I recently had a post about the same question-

    Again I am completly new to linux, so I might be a little off.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by elfshadow14
    I tried the nvidiaguide on the forum and I was wondering what package is kernel-sources on ubuntu?
    type 'sudo apt-get install kernel-sources' into a terminal.
    alternatively for an easier installation (and gives you tons and tons of other apps and codecs) google for "automatix" and follow their install instructions.
    its an atuo script that installs programs off a list of stuff for you to tick. the nvidia drivers are on that software along with realplayer, mp3 and dvd support etc
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