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Thread: Need major help

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    Unhappy Need major help

    I updated my kubuntu and when I boot up it loads fine but instead of going to login it puts a black screen with the Kubuntu logo on it and the only thing it let me do is ctrl,alt,del to reboot.

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    when it boots up, grub/lilo (appears after the POST screen when you turn on your computer) should either let you press del to get to a choice screen, or give you a panel with numerous choices that you want. choose kubuntu (recovery mode).
    this will put you into a console (no GUI) where you type in your username and passwd. i had a similar problem with xfce, and all i had to do was log in in the recovery mode and type 'sudo reboot' + root passwd, and X came back to life when it rebooted (you may get different results). if not, go into recovery mode again and do 'sudo apt-get install <insert window manager here>' (some good choices are 'gnome' or 'fluxbox' then type startx gnome or startx fluxbox (if this doesnt work, use the command 'which fluxbox' or 'which gnome' and type the full path after 'startx'. these will give you a nice graphical lay out along the lines of kde, though fluxbox works differently. right click to get into the menu.
    (if you do choose a new window manager it might not auto boot into gnome/fluxbox etc on reboot - you will need to modify a file by hand/do some manual commands, but we'll cross that bridge when/if we come to it.)
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