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    Music for Ubuntu

    Does anyone know of a good music store or something that you can get music off of
    for Ubuntu? Also, is there some way to put songs on an iPod with Ubuntu? Finally, can you get a CD burner and a CD player in one application? Thanks!

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    do you want particular artists? There are several sites that offer free as in beer and freedom music, however the artists are indie (but still good).
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    For putting music onto an iPod, you can try gtkPod. For ripping and playing in one application, try Grip.

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    The only music you will need is the OpenBSD release songs and they can be found at, also it is free.

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    Hey, Vergil83, can you give me the addresses for the sites? Also, I was wondering if there were any sites offering particular artists. Two more things: When I try to play mp3 files, it says that I do not have the libraries needed to play the files. Can you tell me how to get these libraries?....And....I have an Apple iPod nano and an Apple iPod shuffle. Can I take songs off of these and burn them to CDs? Many thanks to all!

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    to be able to play mp3, install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly
    to be able to burn mp3 install gstreamer0.8-mad and gstreamer0.8-misc.
    there is a nice howto for Ipods
    For some goods sites for free (as in freedom music) take a look at

    I don't know what type of music you like, but here are a few bands I rather like that have music avaible for free as in beer on their sites.
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    Dragonforce have some mp3s on their site for free if you want to listen to them. quality band too
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    Thanks, guys. Also, what about playing the m4p. and m4u formats? That would be HUGE!!
    (I like rock, and stuff like Matchbox Twenty.) Thanks.

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