I am running Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite r15 (tablet). After my system goes into Hibernate (either automatically, or when I tell it to manually) after it comes out of it, the login screen is dark; too dark to see. The boot screen comes up fine; the first screen I have problems with is the one where I have to enter my password. At first I thought the screen was completely blank, but then realized it was simply too dark to see anything except for a VERY basic view of what is going on. I can't even see my cursor to manipulate it (thank God for the stylus). Restarting X server (ctrl+alt+bksp) does nothing. Increasing screen brightness does nothing. The only way to fix it is restarting one, two, or even three times. Anyone else have/heard of this problem? I was wondering if it was my graphics card, but it seems to be acting fine otherwise.