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    I've been having a very similar problem with my computer...
    I have a video card nVidia GeForce (I'll try that video thing in the BIOS) and my BIOS is set to run from CD first, but when I put the CD from ubuntu (live CD plus installation) and turn on my computer it skips the normal grub boot page for my HDD (so its trying to boot the CD) and then it just gives me a black screen and my HD LED is lighting up like crazy like its doing something... but nothing ever happens, I had the same exact problem with the SuSE install CD, both of which worked on other computers

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    hi gibsonist
    I'll try that video thing in the BIOS
    Do you heve integrated graphic card on motherboard?

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    Similar problem - cannot boot Ubuntu from live cd

    Can anyone help?

    I get a screen giving me the options to boot / test memory &c
    I go for booting and get a "starting... loading linux kernel" window which gets to 100%
    I get a black screen with white text and one line at the top saying" Uncompressing Linux... Ok booting the kernel"
    Then I get a screen with Ubuntu logo and
    one line saying "loading essential drivers ok"
    then another saying "mountign root file system..."

    then the cd spins for 45 seconds or so, the hdd light comes on for a minute or so, then nothing... and cd won't eject.

    System is old (PII 350)

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    Unhappy Help With Unbuntu

    ya im haveing the same problem too. i have A dell dimension 4700. (1yr old) I have a wireless card plugged in for net, wireless keyboard and mouse, and speakers... i put the cd in and restarted it into windows!!! just like if the cd wasnt in... i dont really want to mess with comand lines.(im affraid it will screw up my computer and i wont be able to get it fixed...) i dont like the boot meneu just please help me!!! Im a neewbie in programing.
    Please if there is someone out there that knows what doing wrong please tell me:

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    What you need to do is:
    before your computer boots-up, while it says something like BIOS A19 the F2 key
    It will bring up a menu, I've forgotten what it's called, go down toboot sequence, or something allong those lines...
    Change the sequence so that CD is the first thing the computer looks for when it tries to find an OS
    (I've given up on LiveCD and my computer...I just don't think they are compatable...tear...)

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    Casey -
    If you're dinking around with Linux at all, then maybe you're an "early adopter", one of those people willing to step out from the masses and try something new. Since the masses aren't already there, you have to realize that the way ahead is not smoothly paved. The curbs, streetlights, and crosswalks are not in.
    Linux is an awesome cultural and technological development. Are you in?

    First off, forget about Ubuntu 5.1 (Breezy). I don't know why they sent you that. Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) is much improved. Six months is a long time in the Ubuntu world! We're only a few months away from the release of Edgy, the next version.

    The Dapper CD is an all-in-one package. Once you've instructed your PC to boot from the optical drive instead of the HDD, the Dapper CD will spin up in the LiveCD environment, making no changes to your HDD. If everything works (or close enuf that you're willing to try getting the rest of it to work) then you click on the little "Install" icon on the desktop. Of course, that's where it starts getting more complicated, but you're an early adopter and there's enough info available.
    The Holiday 2006 MaximumPC magazine (just out) has a nice write-up (with pictures) showing what to expect.
    My modern homebrew PC will not run the Dapper CD. It hangs at "detecting hardware". I made a PCLinuxOS CD, which will also start up Live, and it flew right thru the section where Ubuntu had trouble. So i would also suggest trying a couple of the other popular Linux distros if Ubuntu won't cooperate on yours.

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    Perhaps you need to visit your BIOS and enable your machine to boot from CD. Most PCs will open the BIOS at boot if you hold down the del button. Does your machine fail to boot from all live CDs? That will tell you that it is a BIOS issue. For various reasons it pays to have a couple of live CD distros around. DSL and Puppy are small and easily dowloaded for free.

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    Ubuntu is just plain great. I am use to CentOS (RedHat Ent) but for children, Ubuntu just clicks with them! I will admit I had problems with the LiveCD. First time I got it all the way to install, and I then decided to wait because of a meeting. I of course set this up so my cd drive would be first to boot. But a many attempts later caused frustration because I knew and the computer knew that the cd drive was set to boot first. But, I finally did get it to work. Sometimes we wonder who really is in control? Us or the computers...

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