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    Unhappy Live CD won't boot

    I got my Ubuntu live CD today and was suprised when it won't boot on my Dell PC but it will boot on my Dad's Dell laptop...
    It says [4294672.087000] Attached scsi disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
    I have no idea what that means...hopefully someone does...

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    Is your monitor plugged into a video card by chance?

    Something similar happened to me. I think these "random" numbers occur when Ubuntu can't recognize a certain driver. For example, my nVidia card. Try hitting F2 (quickly) right when you turn on your computer to get into the BIOS. Go to "IDE Peripheral configuration" and change the "video adapter" to "on-board." Save changes and reboot, but make sure your monitor is plugged into the built in port that hooks directly to the motherboard.

    This is all under the assumption that you use a video card other than the on-board one...

    If that's not the problem, do you use any add-on drivers that aren't pre-built into the motherboard (wireless card, sound card, etc.) ?

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    Nope, so that won't work...
    the live cd won't work on my little brother's Dell desktop either...
    got any other ideas?

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    First, what kind of system are you trying to boot it on? I know that the Ubuntu live CD doesn't always work on certain Dell computers, but there is a command for this that you can put in the boot options. Try hitting <F1> to bring up the help look for that command. I think it's something like i86xxx, I forget. It should be in <F7>, if I remember correct (after you've brought up the help menu).

    I would also say that it might be a bad burn, but you said you got it booted up on your dad's PC? Did you actually get into the GUI (Gnome desktop)??

    Also, what other hardware do you have plugged into your computer (eg - mouse, USB hub, external HD, etc)?

    I've been using Ubuntu for about a week now, ha, and I had the same problem. It was extremely frustrating to figure out, but it gets better, so hang in there!

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    Ok, it said that my system is DV051 and my BIOS version is A03 (10/08/05). I tried hitting f1 and f7 but neither did anything.
    I have a mouse, a keyboard and speakers plugged into my computer all of which came with the system. I also have a wireless internet card that I installed plugged into it. I did get ubuntu fully running on my dad's laptop, GUI and everything.
    Any other ideas?

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    ok when you turn on the computer you have to see somewere is the info which are you looking looks like "press delete to enter setup" or F2:setup F10:boot menu
    if you dont have boot menu enter setup and change boot order.Primary ide master is your HDD so change it to your CD-DVD
    i hope that helps

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    It sounds like you haven't even gotten to the Ubuntu live CD boot screen. I'd agree with Jan, you have to go into your BIOS. Hit F12 (i think) as soon as you turn on your computer (you might have to hit it a couple times). This will bring you to a menu of where you want to boot from. Choose CD-R.

    Good luck

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    Ok, I've done that but I did that before. I've had the boot sequence set with CD first, it goes to the boot screen where it tells me to press enter for default live bootup or I can enter live-expert, live or memtest to do other things but once I press enter it shows lots of numbers and such in gray then stops...

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    hi CaseyThr
    Please explain me some things.Tell me if im right or not?
    You have booted into ubuntu Live CD.Right?You have choosed "start or install ubuntu".Right?
    and than you saw a numbers and computer stopped respondig.Right?
    You said you can boot ubuntu on your dad s computer.Does there computer stopps responding too?

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    I'm not sure if I've entered the actual bootup, it's never said 'run or install ubuntu'. I don't know why it would say that since when I got the disk (I got it from ubuntu) it has an install disk AND the LiveCD. Does it matter that I'm using version 5.10 instead of the newer 6.06? And no, my Dad's computer runs Ubuntu just fine, doesn't shut down or anything.

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