Hi, I cut my teeth on MS DOS many moons ago and now run XP Home on a P4 with 1Gb RAM It is used for general SOHO work and as the internet access point for a small wireless home network (D-Link G604T) I installed ubuntu 5.04 (I will upgrade to 6 later) on a slave drive last week and can dual boot using grub ... so far I like it and wish to learn a lot more.

My question is simple ... in its Windows guise my box has cordless bluetooth keyboard and mouse being an "MS Keyboard elite for bluetooth" and a "MS Intellimouse Explorer for bluetooth" a combination which grub nor ubuntu appear to recognise. swapping mice etc isn't much fun, so, can anybody point me in the direction of drivers for these or do I have to take a technological step backwards before I can move forwards. If such drivers exist could someone please also tell me where i should stick them ... remember this is a family show.

Many thanks in advance ...