After I upgraded to Kubuntu-desktop by adding a new repository according to, I realized that I can't see nor enter to Power Settings (Refresh Time on Batteries, Screen Power Admin, Battery % in order to suspend/hibernate, etc...) In the past, I was available to configure the power settings and events on Kubuntu KDE.

Checking my logs, this new update replaced "powernowd" daemon. Using GNOME I could still access to my power settings, but I simply can't over KDE when I was capable to do so in the past.
Should I use the previous version of KDE? Should I check a few daemons or scripts like "powernowd" or "laptop-mode". Could someone please assist me with this issue?

I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper) with "kubuntu-desktop" from "". I'm using a Medion Laptop. Could someone recommend me something to do in order to have an more advanced Power Settings with KDE?