I have been on an epic voyage to install the above, although previously I was not aware of KDevDesigner and was trying to configure QT3 to halp me with a tutorial which I now discover is 2 years old!


I have KDevelop and KDevDesigner installed and I can open them both up.

At first I could not gain access to any of the documentation/manuals but have sorted this out in KDevelep by changing the settings and now I get to the user manual.

However I cannot for the life of me find out how to get to the KDevDesigner Handbook as all I get is a error saying KDevDesigner/index.html not found.

I cannot find anywhere in KDevDesigner to change the settings to resolve this.

I have the kdev-docs installed and I can find a directoy under /usr/share that has KDevDesigner but no docs are in it.

Any help please, this is driving me nuts!