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    Ubuntu/ airport wireless help

    I'm running linux Ubuntu via parallel on a macbook pro mac os X 10.4 Tiger with a core duo. Can anyone help me set up my wireless? Thanks!

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    I'm not sure about how to do it in parallels, but when I installed Kubuntu on my G4 Powerbook, the system sensed the wireless card during installation. I'm not sure if the i386/i686 versions of ubuntu do the same, plus your doing it in a virtual environment, if I'm not mistaken. First step would be to go to terminal and type in the command sudo ifconfig the machine will ask you for your password, then hopefully show you a wlan0 card. If it does, then all you need to do is to type in sudo ifconfig wlan0 (or name of wireless card xxx0) up This will start up the card and then you need to type in sudo dhclient wlan0 and you'll be connected. If you're running an airport base station, then you can configure the WEP, WPA, etc., from there. Sorry I can't be of more help, just some things to try.

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    Ubuntu should recognize the card. I have debian on an ibook (Ubuntu is based on debian) and I've never had to configure the card myself because it's always been recognized. At any rate, to add to the above post, check out the following suggestion from a few years ago (kernel 2.4, I think):

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    I just wanted to say thanks! Yeah I just had to reboot the virtual pc [after linux had done the updates and such], and it was able to detect everything, from the CD drive to the keyboard to Airport. Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi. Similar question. I want to get connected via wireless. Xubuntu recognises my wireless card (I think) but I cant switch it on. The problem seems to be that I need to use a short cut key to switch it on, which runs with a driver called Launch Manager which shipped with my Fujitsu Siemens laptop. Xubuntu will not recognise Launch Manager, and I have no other way of getting the wireless card started.
    By the way I can't download anything because I can't connect to the internet; unless I can download it on another Windows PC and then transfer it.

    If I sound like a complete clueless beginner; yeah, you guessed right. Dead keen to sort out Xubuntu though Help please!!

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