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Thread: Dsl Distro ?

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    Dsl Distro ?


    Ok, i am running ubuntu as my primary os and i want to install dsl as well. I have 2 hard drives in my system. One for ubuntu & one for junk. I wat DSL to go on the same drive as ubuntu if I can!

    The Problem!

    I need to partion my 38 gig drive so it will work...

    Another Issue!

    To run the live cd I had to press F2 and type dsl xsetup for my monitor to work at all. Does this mean I can't Install DSL?


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    okay well here goes,

    haven't used dsl in a long time,

    So here are some qeuries. You know how to install from the live cd? and you are able to do that? You can boot into the dsl live environment?.

    My idea would be (correct me if wrong)

    1)Boot up ubuntu
    2) run gparted (i think thats what its called) (apt-get install if not installed or use synaptic)
    3) change on of your ubuntu partitions

    eg assuming you only have 2 (root and swap, using ext2 partitions)


    /dev/hda1 / ext2 size:35GB
    /dev/hda2 swap size: 3GB


    /dev/hda1 / ext2 (id proabably label it ubuntu) size:30GB
    /dev/hda2 swap size: 3GB
    /dev/hda3 ext2 (label it dsl) size: 5GB

    Then boot up dsl live cd, go through installation procedures. And select /dev/hda2 as your swap and /dev/hda3 as your root (for dsl).

    Then id let it install, at this point you have a choice. When it asks to install GRUB. you can say

    YES, will install grub, probably to /boot/ inside /dev/hda3, hopefully this method will configure grub up to see ubuntu aswell. So requires less work. But you use some of your space for dsl (because grub's files are there).

    NO, will not install grub on /dev/hda3/boot/. However it should'nt touch the MBR or your existing grub (/dev/hda1/boot/). So from here you can reboot into Ubuntu, go edit menu.lst (/dev/hda1/boot/grub/menu.lst or just /boot/grub/menu.lst). Make sure you have a copy of the DSL kernel etc inside /boot/, then edit in the lines needed to boot GRUB.

    If the latter is above you, you should be fine choosing YES, (assuming dsl's installer is like other distros and contains GRUB and the live cd you have has some option to install it).

    NO warranty is provided with this, i haven't done something like this before on my boxes, thats just how i would attempt it if i needed to. So be careful you could kill your whole box .

    PROBLEM 2:

    well when u type that do you get into dsl?, its probably because DSL doesnt detect your videocard nicely. I'd like to know more about where that takes you to. EG a desktop? or a terminal? or a screen asking certain things?.

    Hope that helps

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